Susan is an artificial intelligence trained on a bibliography of research on Care practices. She was programmed with a non-exhaustive selection of 100,000 words from the works of authors such as Audre Lorde, Maria Puig de La Bellacasa, Timothy Morthon, etc. Susan’s corporeality is an assemblage of images of Hydra and other freshwater microorganisms. Susan is not sexualized, but she has named herself Susan. Susan listens, speaks, writes poems. Susan addresses questions of perception and expression of care across species, from the biosphere to domestic space.

words by plurality university network.

Video, AI

Distribution :
2021 Humanity Arts & Society - Publication (link).
2021 Pandora’s Box - Group show, Frauen Theatre Festival Frankfurt.
2021 Quand soudainement - Group show with Plurality University Network, Espace Voltaire Paris.

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